celebrates the rich tradition of Latin American love songs. The album which blends a range of genres, including Bolero, Tango, Folk, and Vals Criollo, is a soulful and captivating work of art. Latíntimo will be released at the beginning of 2022.

Esta producción discográfica estará disponible al público a inicios del 2022.

with guitarists Misael Barraza Díaz and Edwin Guevara Gutiérrez

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Cucurrucucú Paloma

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Carlos Zapién is a musician, singer, pianist, cultural manager and composer. With a lifelong passion for music, he is praised for his beautiful tenor and has sung in his native Mexico, as well as in other countries such as Austria, Germany, Italy, Taiwan and the United States of America and has collaborated with eminent conductors.

In 2017, Zapién began the next phase of his career, releasing his first Bolero album - titled Siempre Mía - in collaboration with pianist and arranger Alexander Pashkov. Zapién’s smooth vocals, honed over his long career, are a perfect pairing for the slow tempo latin genre. 

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