From the recording The Beauty of Gregorian Chant

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Creator Alme Siderum

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Bright builder of the heavenly poles,
eternal light of faithful souls,
Jesus, Redeemer of mankind,
our humble prayers vouchsafe to mind.

Who, lest the fraud of hell’s black king should all men to destruction bring,
didst, by an act of generous love,
the fainting world’s physician prove.

Thou, that Thou mightst our ransom pay and wash the stains of sin away,
didst from a Virgin’s womb proceed
and on the Cross a Victim bleed.

Thy glorious power, Thy saving Name
no sooner any voice can frame,
but heaven and earth and hell agree to honor them with trembling knee.

Thee, Christ, who at the latter day shalt be our Judge, we humbly pray such arms of heavenly grace to send as may Thy Church from foes defend.

Be glory given and honor done
to God the Father and the Son
and to the Holy Ghost on high,
from age to age eternally.