From the recording The Beauty of Gregorian Chant

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Salve Mater Misericordiæ

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Hail, Mother of mercy,
Mother of God and Mother of pardon,
Mother of hope and Mother of grace,
Mother, full of holy gladness.
O Mary!
Hail, honor of the human race.
Hail most worthy Virgin
because thou overcomest all virgins
and art seated of in highest honor.
O Mary!
Hail, Mother...
Hail, blest Virgin yet bearing child:
For He Who sits at the Father’s right hand,
The ruler of heaven, of earth and sky,
has sheltered Himself in thy womb.
O Mary!
Hail, Mother...
Become, O Mother, our solace:
Be for us our source of joy,
and at the last, after this exile,
unite us with the praising celestial choir.
O Mary!
Hail mother...