Cici's Story

About 2 months ago, as I was driving down Oracle st, I saw a dog running on the side walk. Take note, it was already 9pm but still above 90 degrees hot. The poor thing was clearly lost. I made a sudden stop and turned on Rudasil st. (thankfully there were no cars behind me ).I followed the dog until we reached a nearby parking lot. At that time the dog was slowing down, probably tired of running. I finally caught her attention. She came to me and placed its paws on the car window. I could see the dog was thirsty. Fortunately I had a bottle of water with me and I was able to give her a drink. The dog seemed very happy and relieved. I was thinking that the dog was OK with me because it sat on the passenger seat when I opened the door. She was really friendly to me so I took her home. She’s a very sweet creature. She played with me and would simply lay beside me while watching tv then placed her head on my lap. She got pampered that night (tummy rubs!). Anyway, I took a photo of her and posted it on Facebook. A picture of her was shared on social media, including Tucson, AZ - Lost Dogs, Cats & Pets (thanks for sharing the post). We took her to PACC (Pima Animal Care Center) the next day to find out if she has a chip. She was scanned and there it was. Her name is Cici!

The PACC staff contacted the owner but sadly they didn’t reply. She stayed in the shelter for a few days until she was ready to be put for adoption. I had thoughts of taking her back home with me but unfortunately she is not friendly with other dogs and I have 2 other dogs of my own. We went back to visit her in the shelter a few times and left our phone numbers if there’s any progress. Almost 2 weeks after being in the shelter we finally got a call that Cici has been rehomed! I’m sure she is loving it and enjoying her new family. Dogs deserve the best for they give unconditionally.

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